The Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass

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The Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass

The Glencairn Glass in a single gift box (Also available in set of 6 white gift box). Glencairn Crystal, based in East Kilbride, has won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in recognition of its Glencairn Glass. The whisky glass is now used by all Scottish and Irish distilleries. Glencairn said the award was a "superb achievement" and described its product as the "definitive" whisky glass. The glass, launched in 2002, is tapered for nosing and designed to "enhance the whisky drinking experience". The new, innovative tumbler has been specifically designed to enhance the taste and enjoyment of Scotland's national drink, as the tapered mouth of the glass allows ease of drinking, the wide bowl shows off the whisky's colour and the base is designed to be easy on the hand. And while the company has picked up a stream of awards for their glass design, which only uses the finest crystal in the manufacturing, they are refusing to "rest on their laurels". In recent years the company - who are the last remaining crystal suppliers in Scotland - has earned themselves the Scottish Marketing Award for Innovation, along with the more prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation. Capacity: 200ml